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Our History

In the early 80’s Bill and Nancy Simpson together started Simpson Sheet Metal, Inc.

Bill had been working within the HVAC industry since he graduated from high school and Nancy brought the business end to the equation as she had 15 year’s prior experience in the banking industry.

Simpson Sheet Metal started out with 6 employees and has now grown to 75 employees. When starting out, our humble heating and air conditioning company worked on mostly residential projects before quickly branching out into the commercial industry. While we started as a heating and cooling company, Simpson Sheet Metal now has a full-service shop that can fabricate anything out of most any metal. We often say, “If you can imagine it, we can make it”.

Simpson Sheet Metal also has a service department for repairs and maintenance of residential and commercial equipment.

In 2009, with the unexpected passing of Bill Simpson, his wife Nancy continued as owner of the business. Nancy and all employees of the business have never lost sight of who Bill Simpson was, and the team at Simpson Sheet Metal works daily in honor of Bill and all that he stood for.

Simpson Sheet Metal is a family business with close ties in the Santa Rosa community. Bill and Nancy started this service company with the intention to provide a great service and employment for many in their community. When Bill was asked what he owed the success of his company to, he would always say, “It’s the great people I have working for me!”. Bill believed this with his whole heart and this feeling has been passed on from generation to generation of the business.

Bill and Nancy’s daughter, Barbie, has now stepped up as the owner of our growing HVAC company in Santa Rosa. Barbie started working part time at Simpson Sheet Metal in high school, and she has since grown into her role as CEO. In addition to Barbie, Bill’s grandchildren, Frankie and Nancy work for the business as well.

It is in this spirit of family and friendship and the hard work of all involved that the business will continue for years to come.