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Seismic Brewing Company Taproom
Location Sebastopol, CA
Project Architect Straining Architects, Santa Rosa
Service New high-efficiency HVAC Systems
Sq. Footage 4,041 sq. ft.

Project Description

The Seismic Brewing Company was looking to create a Tap Room that would reflect their commitment to sustainability and craft, as well as obtain LEED Platinum Certification. We worked to develop a blueprint that would showcase a variety of environments to generate different experiences within the Tap Room. Wood, concrete, steel, and glass established the foundation for the design aesthetic. The space featured multiple indoor and outdoor seating locations, floor to ceiling glass windows, a sculptural wooden bench, and a lounge area equipped with a pool table and custom carved wood banquette. The inviting Tap Room is inviting for all beer lovers and includes an extensive amount of green features to meet environmental requirements. The architecture worked to support the owner’s promise to craft brewing.

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