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Whether your heating and cooling system is old or new, even the best comfort systems require occasional service and repairs. That’s just the nature of their existence thanks to the sheer amount of moving parts involved. Regular heating and air conditioning service and repair keeps your climate control systems working properly and efficiently while helping you avoid more costly repairs in the long run.

Simpson Sheet Metal is one of the leading providers of professional heating and air conditioning repair in Santa Rosa. Our service professionals & technicians can guide you through the process and provide information about exactly what they are doing to your heating and cooling system. Learn more about heating and air conditioning service and repairs below.


Simpson Sheet Metal Heating and Cooling Services and Repairs


From patching leaks to full-scale installations, Simpson Sheet Metal covers a vast range of residential and commercial solutions for heating and ac unit repair and service. Even if you don’t think your cooling and heating system needs any repairs, we recommend that you get your system cleaned and serviced at least once per year to ensure optimal indoor air quality. This is particularly important for large buildings with commercial HVAC systems to ensure nothing breaks down during the hottest or coldest times of the year. The most ideal scenario would be to have your heating looked at in the fall, while your air conditioning should be serviced in the spring. Regular preventive maintenance will give you peace of mind and ensure that your heating and cooling are in perfect working order during their respective seasons of most heavy use and avoids a costly HVAC emergency like replacing a broken compressor, condenser, or coil.

Regular heating and cooling service is essential to the longevity of your HVAC system. The fact is, not all repairs are obvious. Your system may be broken without you ever knowing because the only thing you end up seeing is the temperature on the thermostat. Regular cleaning and HVAC maintenance can help to identify these issues before they become a real problem. You don’t want your system breaking down during a summer heatwave or brisk winter mornings. Furthermore, heating and air conditioning service ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible. Less energy waste means a cleaner environment, a smaller carbon footprint, and a lower utility bill.

The Simpson Sheet Metal team comprises trained technicians who can identify and evaluate your heating and cooling system or HVAC unit and determine any necessary repairs during a service visit. If your system needs any upgrades or replacements, we can discuss your options with you and determine a solution that works best for your specific budget, timeline, and personal needs.


Why Choose Simpson Sheet Metal?


Simpson Sheet Metal employs highly trained service technicians to serve you in the repair and maintenance of your HVAC equipment. Our technicians have extensive training and are committed to making sure your heating and cooling systems are running smoothly and efficiently. We are members of the Local Sheet Metal Union 104, which means that our team of experts has the tools, knowledge, and training to service all commercial and residential HVAC equipment of all different makes and models.

As the leading provider of heating and AC services in Santa Rosa, Simpson Sheet Metal has been certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE), an independent, third-party organization that recognizes industry technicians who provide excellence in service and installation of HVAC systems & equipment. As a Carrier Authorized Factory Dealer, we have met the strict standards and requirements set by Carrier, designating that we provide high-quality service, business practices, and technical expertise.

Unlike other companies, we also provide in-house fabrication services. Our expert craftsmen can build equipment and appliances that perfectly fit your needs and specifications. In-house fabrication allows for faster installation times and higher quality parts, materials, and labor.

What truly makes us a premier provider of heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair in Santa Rosa is our commitment to great service, customer satisfaction, reliability, and transparency. As a family-owned company, we want to extend our sense of family directly to you to make sure that you are cared for throughout the service and repair process. We strive for your satisfaction during the entire experience. If you have any questions or want to schedule a free consultation for a repair, please contact us today.

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