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Residential HVAC Service

Our Residential Division is here to work with you to build the perfect heating and air conditioning system for your new home so that you can have a comfortable indoor air climate. Our team will work directly with you to design an HVAC system that works with your specific needs, budget, and timeline. Our installers are experienced in working on all types of projects ranging from subdivision applications to custom homes. We are also committed to developing and installing HVAC systems that are energy efficient to promote a comfortable indoor climate while saving the environment and taking a load off your utility bill.

In addition to our new construction heating and cooling services, our fabrication team is available to work with homeowners to help design and fabricate various products to complement your home. Our expert craftsmen can create a wide range of products to fit the style and specifications of your home. Made from the highest quality parts and materials, these architectural sheet metal options include:

  • Custom hoods
  • Countertops
  • Gutters
  • Downspouts
  • Flashings

All of these can be made of various metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. We like to think that if you can imagine it, we can make it. Let us know what you have in mind, and we can develop a custom new construction HVAC installation for you. In-house fabrication services allow for much faster installation, a higher level of quality, and the convenience of customizability with every new construction air conditioning and heating project.


Residential HVAC

To repair or replace… that is the question. It’s not always an easy one, but your friends at Simpson Sheet Metal can help you make the right choice.

First, we provide a full in-home consultation, free of charge. We’ll get to know you and your house to properly assess your options. Our goal is to find you a solution that is kind to both your wallet and the environment.

When your HVAC system is beyond repair, we’ll provide professional installation options that fit your budget, timeline, and preferences. We can guarantee the perfect custom-made HVAC unit and a faster installation process with our in-house fabrication services.

With us, you’ll feel the difference in the air—literally.




5 Things to Know Before Making HVAC Decisions

  1. Total Conditioned Square Footage. Many times HVAC contractors will size a unit based on the square footage of a home. This can lead to oversizing as many areas are not conditioned. If you factor in closets, hallways, kitchen areas, powder rooms, it can deduct as much as 300 square feet, which leads to an oversized HVAC system. Oversized blowers will be loud, use more energy and create less overall comfort in your home. Make sure the HVAC contractor is sizing the equipment properly and not just to the square feet.
  2. Codes and Setbacks. It’s always wise to ask the HVAC contractor about codes and setbacks. It’s easy to skip the permit process, but 90% of the time the codes are there for safety and hazard purposes. When it comes to natural/propane furnace gas and A/C refrigerant gasses, installing it improperly can lead to serious problems. Permit departments have also started to crackdown on setbacks and noise levels of outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps. Codes vary from city to city, so ask the estimator about distance restrictions.
  3. House Concerns. When making an HVAC decision, always voice your concerns about the house. What bothers you the most? Is it noise, comfort, or efficiency? Are you concerned about the carbon footprint of your house? These types of concerns all drive the decision-making process to find the best solution to your HVAC needs and what works best for your home.
  4. Proper Ventilation. Proper ventilation is key to having a nice working HVAC system. Most homes built before 2014 have inadequate ventilation. The more return air you can get to circulate the air in your home, the more efficient your system works, the more quiet the system operates, and it also creates even temperatures throughout the home. Increasing the existing size, or adding a second return, is the most common way to create more return air.
  5. Fair Pricing. The final thing to know about making your HVAC decision is that Simpson Sheet Metal does the best work in Sonoma and Marin counties for the fairest price. Contact us for an on-site estimate.


5 Things that Sets Simpson Sheet Metal Apart from the Competition

  1. We Know the Business. Established in 1977, Simpson Sheet Metal has installed and replaced HVAC systems for friends and neighbors for nearly 30 years. What’s more, we have a longstanding relationship with the City of Santa Rosa and the County of Sonoma.
  2. Union Trained. Everyone on our installation staff is union trained via Sheet Metal Union #104 in Fairfield, Calif. We don’t hire off the internet and cross our fingers, hoping the installer is qualified. Our installers have completed apprenticeship classes, hours of training, as well as ongoing in-the-field training.
  3. Family owned and operated. We have a small company feel, while employing up to 75 employees at any given time. We have a custom sheet metal warehouse on site in Santa Rosa, and offer a commercial department, residential new construction, residential replacement and service/repair to meet everyone’s needs.
  4. Honest and reliable pricing. We only install the best, and our prices reflect the quality, but we promise not to hustle you into a purchase or press you into a buy. We offer fair prices, use the best materials, and the most qualified and highest-compensated installers. We don’t believe in offering fake, if-you-buy-now discount deals. Allow us to take a look at your HVAC needs, offer some solutions and then provide an estimate of what it will cost. We’ll answer your questions honestly and leave it up to you from there.
  5. Custom services. We have an onsite sheet metal fabrication warehouse for any of your custom needs. Our shop fabricators can custom-build counter tops, kitchen hoods, architectural design elements, and anything else you can think of. They can also assist our field staff.

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