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Wow – AMAZING response and service. My heater blew up just as it was becoming shrinkage season. So, I am used to cold rooms, and homage to my years working at the coroner’s office…but my new roomies – not so much. To complicate my life further the fire erupted and I now had two 80 year-olds staying with me, evacuated from Kinkade – PGE nightmare. I needed a heater because the old guys were busting my chops today. “How do you live like this! It’s like I’m already dead!” Simpson came to the rescue. Not only did they save the old guys from freezing but they saved my liver from my drinking to make the grumpy old men voices fade away. My first date with Simpson was with an awesome tech – Leo, who tried to make the old heater work and was not trying to twist my arm into a new heater. After all lifesaving efforts were attempted, alas, the heater crossed over to heater heaven and was consigned to the scrap pile…no longer heater if but now cold Steel. Simpson’s reached out to me – I’d like to think it was because of an awesome customer, but more likely they had openings because of the evacuations – either way, they still made me feel like I was king and were there THE NEXT DAY! The patron saint of heat would visit our home in hours. The job was done in about 4 hours and the pros at Simpson’s were super clean. Can’t say enough…or maybe I just did? Anyway – use them or succumb to the cold.

on Yelp

Simpson’s did a great job, they did everything promised, did it on time and on budget. The city inspector looked over their work and said ‘great job, Simpson’s always does great work, always meets code’.

Bob S. on Yelp

We just had our new system put in this month. Once again, Simpson did a great job. John set up and designed a system and Jose was the lead installer. Both were a pleasure to work with, and they even finished ahead of schedule.

John M. on Yelp

Hi I’d like to take the time to say how wonderful John and everyone at Simpson sheet metal have been to our family. We unexpectedly had to put a new heating system in due to a major illness in the family. John heard about the illness and had the heating system in and working within a week, at no extra cost.

Carolyn T. on Yelp

Jose and his crew were fast efficient and left out home immaculate every day. They were friendly and warm (a bonus) and did an great job. No obstacle proved too great.

Lynne B. on Yelp