Most homes with central air and heating rely on a system of air ducts to provide supply air and keep airflow moving from one room to the next. If you have uninsulated ductwork in your attic or crawlspace, or if you have the need for commercial heating and cooling, you’re missing out on the many benefits insulation can provide. 

Even if you already have attic insulation, investing in ductwork insulation can help your home maintain peak efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. An HVAC contractor can inspect your home’s ductwork and help you decide if you should have ductwork insulated, and help you select the best duct insulation material for your particular space. So, how beneficial is ductwork insulation? Let’s break it down:

1. It can lower your utility bill

Adding insulation to your ductwork can lower your utility bill by as much as 30% each month and save you hundreds of dollars per year. Insulation can last anywhere from 15-25 years, and in that time frame, the cost to add insulation will have paid for itself multiple times in energy savings alone. While the amount you save will vary greatly depending on your particular system and your ductwork design, the additional benefits insulation provides your home make it a worthwhile investment. 

2. Insulation reduces the workload on your HVAC system

When summer hits, your AC will have a lot of work to do to keep things cool. Adding insulation can keep your home cooler for longer so your air conditioner can take breaks and prevent wear and treat. The less your AC has to work, the more money you save on maintenance and repairs, which means the cost to add HVAC insulation will pay off even sooner when combined with the money you save on energy. 

3. It keeps your home more comfortable

If your ducts have air leakage and heat loss, your conditioned air can’t maintain temperature as it travels through your ducts. Adding insulation will keep your conditioned air at the right temperature and provide even heating and cooling throughout your house. When the temperature hits extremes, you can stay inside and keep comfortable no matter what room you’re in.

4. Improves the air quality in your home

Keeping your ducts insulated can prevent mold and mildew in your ducts caused by moisture and condensation build-up. It will also protect the wood around your ducts from water damage that can spread mold and mildew throughout your home, as well as compromise the integrity of your home’s support beams.

Additionally, insulation will improve the effects of your air filter when air isn’t escaping through your ductwork. This can be especially problematic for people with asthma and allergies, but even if you don’t have respiratory issues, you may be breathing in harmful gases from your appliances that a well-sealed, insulated duct system can clear out. 

5. Keeps your home quieter

If sound carries throughout your house, it’s just as likely from your air vents as it is thin walls. Fiberglass insulation can dampen noise so your HVAC unit will run more quietly, which can help you keep the volume down on your TV and make having a conversation much easier when the AC is on full blast.

It can also keep your voice from carrying from one room to another. If you’re a light sleeper and someone you live with stays up late or wakes up early to play music, watch TV, or carry out loud conversations, sealing your duct system will help you sleep through it. It also means that you can have a private conversation without someone listening in from another room. 

6. You can seal off air leakage in your ductwork

When you work with a professional HVAC contractor, they have the tools and expertise to repair air leaks and seal your ducts to help your system operate at peak efficiency, and prevent pests from getting inside your home. Your HVAC contractor can also seal off leak joints and check for damage and blockages, as well as clean out dirty ducts without contaminating your air. They can also determine if you need to repair or replace leaky ductwork or switch to a system that’s better suited to the needs of your home. 

The bottom line

While most people look at their electric bill to determine whether or not they should add insulation to their ducts, the other benefits it provides are worth considering when you’re weighing the cost of labor and supplies.

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