Whether you need an entirely new installation or need some work done on your existing system, HVAC consultations should be a regular part of maintaining your heating and air conditioning system. An in-home commercial heating and cooling  consultation can seem intimidating or confusing at first, but knowing what to expect can ease your mind and help you address your HVAC issues efficiently while answering any questions you may have. Here are some things you can do to prepare for your HVAC consultation.

Keep a List of Known Issues

Does your HVAC system feel weak? Are your ducts too noisy? Does it feel like you’re just never achieving a comfortable temperature no matter how you set your thermostat? These are all issues that you should keep in mind about your HVAC services during your HVAC consultation.

Be clear and as detailed as possible about all the issues that you seem to be facing, but don’t worry about sounding too technical or knowing the exact verbiage for your HVAC unit. Your HVAC consult is a professional for a reason and can figure out what you need. It is their job to address your concerns to the best of their abilities, and any info that you provide will help them with any diagnoses and evaluations for your unit. It may help to write down your concerns to make sure that you mention everything that you need. However, technicians may ask about:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Any hot or cold spots
  • Noise levels
  • Any humidity issues during the year
  • General comfort

While you don’t have to know the exact ducts or vents that may pose a problem, make sure you explain the general location of problem areas, like specific rooms or parts of rooms.

Make HVAC Components Easy to Access

Furniture and other objects often find their way around HVAC components. It happens to the best of us. However, prior to your heating and air conditioner consultation, move any obstacles that could be obstructing vents, ducts, or other components of your interior system. This makes life so much easier for your technician while preventing potential injuries during the consultation service.

This also applies to any outdoor units. Move any patio furniture, grills, or storage equipment away from outdoor units to accommodate the technician’s evaluation.

Old Utility Bills

If you’re worried about saving energy or just want to increase your HVAC system’s efficiency, keep some of your old utility bills on hand. Knowing the current and past usage of your heating and air conditioning can help a technician determine the work necessary to deliver goals for future usage. You can even learn 5 HVAC Tips to Help Save on Your Utility Bills to better prepare for future hvac maintenance.

Try to provide at least one year of energy use. You should be able to obtain this from your utility company without much hassle, but this will provide a fairly good look at energy spikes, dips, and plateaus throughout the year.


While a technician usually won’t know the specific size, length, or type of ducts you need during a first-time consultation, they will likely still inspect your ducts to get a basic understanding of their condition and required maintenance. This may include:

  • Determining if your ducts are the right size
  • Identifying any bends, dents, or sagging areas
  • Proper sealing at junctions
  • Estimates for the amount of airflow that your system needs

Ducts play the important role of carrying air to and from your home. Evaluating your ductwork helps the technician determine if your ducts are to blame for any comfort or efficiency issues.

Be Present

Be present for your consultation. Don’t expect to leave the HVAC contractor or consultant to their own devices while you go out to run errands. Consultations are a two-way street. This is your opportunity to learn more about your HVAC system, and you can help the consultant understand any problems you may be having. Be polite and honest with your answers, and feel free to ask any questions of your own.

Along with addressing any problems, HVAC consultations are a first step in developing working relationships with professional HVAC specialists. If you’re ready to take that step, contact Simpson Sheet Metal for a free HVAC consultation today or if you have any questions regarding HVAC services and repairs.